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User Friendly Web Solutions

The web designers at That's It Marketing Group have more than a decade of experience building websites for businesses and ecommerce companies in Nashville and across the United States. Our digital agency specializes in mobile-friendly web design and we have the expertise to build or redesign your site on any CMS. Our websites feature industry-leading usability, and every page we work on includes search engine optimization and content management training. If you're looking for a reliable web design company, we can help you reach your business goals.

Scalable Website Structure

Having a great website is an essential part of growing your business, but hiring a web designer may not be in your budget and you may not have the graphic design skills to build a website that meets your business needs. Our web design and development team has the expertise to create a scalable digital strategy that fits any budget, and our design process will get your new site up and running quickly.

Interactive Web Graphics

A beautiful website isn't worth the investment if it doesn't engage your audience and increase sales. Our interactive design philosophy encourages conversion and includes full access to a suite of analytics that track: page views and clicks, customer engagement, online purchases and search engine ranking so you can connect with customers and grow your web presence.

Nearly half of your website visitors will find you from a mobile device, so your website must work well in all major browsers on smartphones, tablets, and desktop monitors. Our web developers use mobile design techniques and secure hosting services to ensure your web pages deliver an exceptional user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

UX Design

Meet Your Design Team

We believe in the power of partnership with our clients. During our first meeting, we want to learn as much about your business and your customers as possible. Your Project Coordinator will discuss your business goals and expectations, gather some basic info about your company, and then we get started!

Our Website Design PRocess

Website Design and Development

Our team of web developers, designers, writers and SEO specialists will sort through the info we gather in our first meeting and create a project development plan and set a timeline for completing your website. During this phase, your Project Coordinator will send over mockups for you to go over and will be available to answer your questions every step of the way.

Final Approval of Your Site Design

Once your site's content is in place and you approve the design, we test for errors and make your website mobile ready. Then we turn your site over to our SEO experts who will optimize your content for seo and index each page so your site ranks well on search engines like Google and Bing. Having solid on-page seo content is vital to your website's seo strategy, especially for small businesses.

Website Launch

When our SEO specialists finish working on your project and we've thoroughly tested your site for bugs, you're ready to go live! Your Project Development Coordinator will set an appointment with you to launch  your site and teach you how to use the CMS program. Your Project Coordinator will also teach you how to analyze and interpret your site metrics so you can measure your progress.

The Best Websites Are Not Created By Luck

In order to continue ranking higher in searches and converting customers into sales, your website will undergo many changes. The initial design of your site will determine how easy these tasks will be to perform and, more importantly, how flexible and capable your website will be as your business grows.


We provide each of our clients with a clean, functional website structure and content management system training so they can update their site and make changes such as: adding pages, updating page content and adjusting the navigation menu.   

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