What Web Designers Mean when they say "Content Is King"


It's logical to think that if you have more pages on your website, you will get more traffic. But, creating content just to have more pages isn’t enough. Make sure you are focusing on quality and quantity. You will not rank well and all those pages won’t help your SEO if you don't have good content. 

Here's why web designers say, "Content is King."

1. Not everything you publish gets indexed. 

2. Sometimes, pages don't remain in the index, which means search engines may not show your page to users because it is too similar to content already online. 

3. Published pages that get indexed don't automatically drive qualified traffic and leads. Unfortunately, those who want lots of pages on their website also tend to overlook the quality of their content – because it’s difficult to have both. Your published content has to be what is most relevant to readers in order to be at its best. 

Google’s Panda algorithm is great at detecting content that doesn't benefit users. So, if your content stinks you may face a Google penalty. Make sure you are creating content that users need, and you won't get stuck creating additional pages.  

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