SEO Myth: Higher Ranking Means more traffic

Clickthrough rates and search placement go hand-in-hand, but ranking is not the supreme end goal that it used to be.

User behavior studies have shown that searchers favor the top three search results. However, it’s also been shown that pages listed near the top of a search tend to get similar click behavior. Even before all of that was applied, rankings did not guarantee success.

Theoretically, it's possible to rank high for a term, get a lot of traffic, and not make a dime from it. That's not what you really want. Here's a big misconception: that higher rankings mean more search traffic. It is true that people will see your listing, but it does not mean you will get more clickthroughs. There are a few reasons for this:

1. You’re trying to rank for keywords that are unrelated to your field. To address this, make sure you pick and choose your keywords carefully by doing a little research on your competitors' SEO.

2. Your meta descriptions are not appealing and inviting for the user. To solve this, be sure to think about what language will compel people to click through to your page.

3. The top result isn’t always an organic listing. This is especially true when product listing ads steal away clicks from organic search results. To combat this, consider paid search on queries that are mobile-oriented with four ads on top.

4. Sometimes, top results include a Featured Snippet, which can garner more clicks than a #1 listing. To address this problem, make sure your content is ranking on Page 1 and is well structured.

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