Video ads to Grow Your social media Engagement in 2020

Updated: Feb 19

Video is shared on social media 1200% more than text and image content combined.

100 million hours of video are watched everyday on Facebook. 

Video is here to stay! Many small business owners stray away from video because: 

a) they don't think their business can benefit from video 


b) they think video will take too long to create

Let's disprove these negative thoughts so you can be open minded about the benefits of video advertising on social media and use it to grow your business! 

Your Business Will Benefit from Video Ads!

Every business will benefit from GOOD video ads, even if your business is a small brick and mortar store, a private practice law firm, an e-commerce company get the idea. Using video ads to your advantage means developing content that's unique to your business, relevant to your industry, and interesting to your desired target market. Of course, what is interesting will depend upon your audience. Here's an example: If you're a local florist and your Facebook page is lacking engagement, you could create a how-to video about building classic flower arrangements. Or you could do a flip video, showcasing various arrangements and educating people on what flowers are best for certain occasions. 

Get Creative On-The-Fly! 

There are many different kinds of videos that can increase engagement so you don't have to create a cinematic masterpiece for your video marketing to be effective. A new perspective can make a mundane topic interesting (and engaging) to watch, so get creative! 

Showcase your energy with Timelapse: You can show off your small business with timelapse video of customers coming and going, phones being answered, and emails being typed. At normal speed, all of these scenarios are pretty boring, right? That can change with a little creativity. Another approach could be creating a timelapse video of your product whether it be manufacturing, painting, baking, building -- you name it, timelapse can provide a fresh, fast, look at what it is YOU do! 

Slow-Motion: The opposite perspective of the timelapse can be just as engaging for a behind-the-scenes, up-close-and-personal look at your business. Any action that typically appears to be a fast, or fluid, motion can be shown in slow motion to create engagement within your community. Think about it--even something as boring as power washing can be fascinating to watch when you can see dirt and grime blasted away with the force of the water! 

Behind-the-Scenes: What may be day-to-day for you as a business owner could be exciting content for your fans and customers. For example, you could make a video about how many pounds of flour your pizzeria uses each week. With video, you can mix illustrative content with facts to create a polished visual that is both entertaining and informative. Every video doesn't have to be a commercial, but it can often provide a fresh look at your business. 

Tools to Help You Create Your Video

With today's technology, creating a sharp video that can be used across your social media platforms is a phone app away. Unless you're still using a flip phone, Timelapse and SloMo features are already built-in to your phone's camera settings, so that part is easy! 

Typito comes fully stocked with text blocks, templates, and beautiful images.

Typito is an extremely user-friendly video editing program...and it's completely free! This program is ideal for creating polished, branded videos. You may upload your own videos and images, or choose from a collection of perfectly edited images. As the name implies, you can easily add text to any video frame. In fact, Typito has expertly designed text ready to pop into your clips with contrasting fonts and complimentary colors! Typito also has social media icons and professional banners already installed. If you have a great interview clip, but need to add contact information, the design work is ready to go, you just simply enter the appropriate text. If you're new to video advertising, this would be my first pick for a start-to-finish creation in record time!

Clip video frames, add audio, and adjust color layers with the Kinemaster app!

Kinemaster if you are looking to create and edit video on the go, Kinemaster is a free app you can download directly to your phone! Kinemaster allows you to clip video, adjust color across multiple layers, and add audio tracks. You can format clips from multiple videos or string together collections of pictures to create a seamless slideshow. This app even allows you to record your own voiceovers and implement speed adjustments. This app is perfect for transforming videos on your phone from "cell phone footage" to edited, color corrected sharable content! Next lunch break, stop scrolling through Instagram and start editing your video! It really is that easy! 

Wideo has a wide array of templates to choose from. Whether you prefer realistic corporate imagery or illustrations to promote your business.

Wideo is a subscription based program that allows you to easily create your own animated videos! For $19 per month, you get a library of video collections with tons of templates to choose from. Whether you want a corporate look or a fun cartoon aesthetic, you can make consistent videos to share across all online platforms. Drag and drop menus direct the animation movement and adding and removing images is highly intuitive. Plus you can easily upload your logo as well as custom images and audio to create branded videos. If you are mildly proficient in Powerpoint and enjoy the user-friendly interface of Canva, you're only a click away from becoming a Wideo Pro! Make you first video with their 7-day free trial today! 

Need help coming up with video marketing ideas for your small business? Let's brainstorm over coffee!

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