Top 5 Tips To Get Your Website Ready For the Holidays

It's no secret that shoppers increase spending dramatically in preparation for the holidays. Using recent holiday shopping trends, "That's It!" Marketing has compiled a list of the 5 best holiday marketing tips to use on your website in 2018. We hope you'll use these tips as a guide to get ahead of your competitors and make this your best sales year ever.

Make sure your site is ready for mobile shoppers

Almost 40% of online shoppers made gift purchases on mobile devices in 2017. That number is only going to rise this year. If your website isn't friendly to mobile users, you're going to miss sales opportunities. If you built your website on wix, squarespace, or another popular D.I.Y. web design platform, you can easily optimize your pages using the mobile editor tools in your web builder.

Have a price matching policy

Price matching is one of the best ways to build trust and attract loyal customers. During the holidays, it has a powerful effect on sales. Why? Because most gifts aren't purchased on impulse, holiday shoppers usually compare prices before they buy.

Get some positive reviews

Nearly 90% of shoppers said they checked online reviews before making a planned purchase last year, and most of them said they read reviews more often during the holidays. One of the best ways to encourage customers to leave a positive review is to give them incentive in the form of a free gift or additional discount.

Add a gift card option

7 out of 10 consumers say they prefer receiving gift cards over tangible products because they can choose their favorite products or services. Plus, e-gift cards are one of the best ways to attract last minute shoppers.

Offer free shipping

48% of shoppers are influenced by shipping promotions during the holidays. It's worth offering - even if you have to slightly raise your prices to cover shipping costs. Surveys indicate that people are likely to spend more on a product if they get free shipping.

A Final Note: Incorporating these features into your holiday marketing strategy will provide a convenient shopping experience. And, consumers are more likely to make future purchases from places they associate with pleasant memories.

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