2018 DIY Web Design Trends: Choosing the right colors

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Less is More...

Many web designers will tell you that using bright, contrasting colors is the easiest way to create an eye-catching design. The contrast of light to dark and use of complementary (or opposite) colors creates a vivid contrast that captures the eye. That approach has worked for years, and it still works, but there’s a bit of a shift in 2018, where less contrast and natural gradients will shine.

Does your brand have two colors that would pair well in a gradient? If not, mild, one-color gradients work just as well. Start with your brand’s color, find a variation, and choose a color that is approximately 15% darker and moving to a shade that is about 15% lighter. From there you can expand the gradient to get the right look.

While not shying away from bold color, a more natural gradient between two colors provides an easier view and continues the movement on a page, which helps move users’ eyes along the page, whether that’s across content or down the page to a new section

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